if&n 2019 Spring & Summer Collection Catalogue

The Sun slips in the shoes and dances away, night after day.
Sparkling rays dance the Charleston, from the face of the ocean to the eyes of emotion,
till the sun-kissed children are all red and drunken.
The whale picks out its tunes and sings around, seeking its lovers long unfound.
Music bubbles tumble and rise, from the depth of the wide
to the air and the sky, while the sweet valentines fall asleep, sound and tight.
The hour hand rolls over; The boats sway in the harbour.
Symphonies resonate in the forest; Dusk lulls with a zephyr.
Pulling the string, step by step, lift the moon, till the night is dyed gold.
Counting sequins, one by one, set the stars, let the music unfold.
Year: 2019
Client: if&n

Photo_Chou Mo
Makeup_Shin Tsai
Hair_Jun Tsai
Stylist_Major Tom
Illustrator_Via Fang
Assist_Ting-Li Wang
Edit_Neko Tsai
Print_Sensations Print
Especially Thanks_Even Chen