Seeking to create unique and intelligent visual language.

Hillz is an independent graphic design studio based in Taipei.

The studio is currently in charge of branding, visual identity, art direction, book design, website, packaging and printed matter design.


Founder / Graphic Designer


Cheng is a graphic designer from Macau. She has worked on various range of projects and take care of every details in the process.

She believes a good designer is like a good problem solver, who is dedicated to provide strategic directions to clients, and to offer new perspective to amplify the value of design. Moreover, she wants to explore the unlimited possibilities of design with a great passion continuously.


The 3th East + West International Design Award | 2011
The 12th Platinum Originality International Graphic Design | 2012
Golden Bee Award, Moscow International Biennale of Graphic Design | 2012
The 13th Platinum Originality International Graphic Design | 2012
Yodex Design Award, Copper Award | 2012
International Poster Biennale For Peace Nanjing | 2017

Golden Pin Design Award, Design Mark Recipients | 2019

Hiiibrand Awards 2018, Gold Award & Jury Award | 2019


Apportfolio Asia Vol.3 | 2013
The dieline Interview | 2019
The Novum Magazine 04.19 | 2019